Kevin Smith Hopes Wanda Is a Villain in Doctor Strange Sequel

Kevin Smith can't wait to see Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) again in the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, but even more than that, he hopes she reappears as a villain. The former Avenger got lost in her grief during WandaVision, using her reality-warping powers to create new realities for herself (and her family, including the late Vision) to exist in. And while the teaser for Doctor Strange 2 seemed to suggest that the two will team up to face a bigger problem, Smith still hopes that some of the trauma that led her down the wrong path in WandaVision will come to light in Multiverse of Madness.

Smith addressed the question on the latest episode of Fatman Beyond, his podcast with Marc Bernardin. The pair looked at the year ahead,and stopped in May to talk about Strange and Wanda.

"Four f---ing months from now we get to see Wanda again?" Smith said. "WandaVision still remains my favorite Marvel/Disney+ TV show, and I think one of my favorite if not my favorite thing from 2021. I think it might be my favorite piece of art/media. I f---ing loved it so much. It is grief porn, and I am there for it. Grief porn and they're wearing f---ing costumes. What's f---ing better than that? And it's fun and brilliantly creative in terms of being a TV show within a TV show. I absolutely loved that, so I look forward to seeing Wanda again. Like an old friend, like a family member -- that you actually like. Not one of those f---ing family members that you're like 'ew,' but somebody you're like 'I want to see that cat again.' I've seen online, people are like 'she's a hero,' 'she's a villain.' I hope she's the bad guy. That would rock for me. But a redemptive one and s--t, don't throw her away. that's a great character, but of anybody she would be excused if she wnet totally rogue. We saw the whole f---ing show. She has reasons."

You can see the full podcast below.

Marvel Studios' WandaVision blends the style of classic sitcoms with the Marvel Cinematic Universe in which Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany)-two super-powered beings living their ideal suburban lives-begin to suspect that everything is not as it seems. The series is directed by Matt Shakman; Jac Schaeffer is head writer.

You can watch WandaVision on Disney+.