Kevin Smith Weighs In On Captain America Hydra Twist

Captain America Kevin Smith

Marvel Comics recently instituted a big change to their iconic character Captain Americain their first issue of Steve Rogers: Captain America #1.

The character (spoilers ahead if you haven't read the first issue) is revealed to be part of Hydra in the final panel of the book, which most likely has something to do with the Red Skull. During his time as Onslaught, the villain teased he had set something in motion, and this is most likely the result of that tinkering.

Comic book enthusiast and Director Kevin Smith weighed in on the twist, and his feeling on the story in general, tweeting out: "Current #CaptainAmerica story could be fun but won't be canon change, because THIS guy could never be a Hydra agent:"

The link he included was to a clip from Marvel Studio's Captain America: The First Avenger, where Colonel Chester Phillips (Tommy Lee Jones) and Dr. Abraham Erskine (Stanley Tucci) are watching the cadets during boot camp, and as a one-off Phillips throws a grenade in the middle of the field. While it's a dud, no one else knows that, and without a second thought, Rogers leaps on top of it, telling everyone else to get out of range. It's a defining moment in showing just how unselfish Rogers is, and why he's a perfect candidate for the serum.


As for the Hydra storyline, it should make for some interesting reading coming up, and I'm eager to see where it ultimately leads. Steve Rodgers: Captain America #2 hits comic store shelves on June 29th.