Loki Easter Egg Reveals The Truth Behind Lady Loki

Loki episode 2 made the big reveal of just who the Loki variant is that's been terrorizing the [...]

Loki episode 2 made the big reveal of just who the Loki variant is that's been terrorizing the Time Variance Authority and its agents. As many Marvel fans deduced, a female version of Loki is the one the TVA has been chasing; however, the reveal of "Lady Loki" came at the end of episode 2, and fans have had some big questions. One thing is made clear (but not quite obvious) during Loki's second episode: this Marvel Cinematic Universe version of Lady Loki is not like the one from the comics. Thanks to eagle-eyed Marvel fans, one truth about Lady Loki has been confirmed.

"Lady Loki" is in fact "Sylvie Laufeydottir" according to the TVA dossier that Loki is examining in one scene. The surname is clearly a play on Loki's surname, "Laufeyson" and signifies that Sylvie is indeed a daughter of the Frost Giants. However, the first name "Sylvie" is really tripping Marvel fans up.

Loki TV Series Lady Loki name origin revealed Sylvie Laufeydottir

In Marvel Comics, Sylvie Lushton was a young girl who was endowed with magic powers by Loki and used them to become a hero modeled after Asgard's Amora The Enchantress. However, the twist in Sylvie's story came with the question of whether she is real at all or was a magical-powered mortal created by Loki to believe she was an Asgardian. That latter part of the story could be a key detail for this Loki series to use.

Right now, there is some very fair skepticism that this "Lady Loki" is indeed a false face for some other antagonist. There's a bit too much of comic book Sylvie/Enchantress influence in this MCU Lady Loki to be a coincidence, and overall, Loki seems to be circling the idea of false faces in many forms. Fan theories say that the Time-Keepers and TVA aren't what they seem - so it would follow that their enemy, Sylvie, wasn't what she seems, either.

So if Lady Loki isn't the one really sabotaging the TVA and the Sacred Timeline: Who is?

Kang the Conqueror is the next big bad villain expected in the MCU - it would be interesting to find out that he is somehow at work pulling the strings in this fight. To make things even wilder, one of Kang's main adversaries is his older variant self, Immortus the scholar of the time appointed by the Time-Keepers. Loki could very well turn out to be a battle being fought between Kang and Immortus, using the TVA and Loki variants as their chess pieces.

What do you think?

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