Mark Ruffalo Says He and Chris Hemsworth Basically Improvised the Entire Thor: Ragnarok Script

Taika Waititi took the Thor franchise from the bottom of the Marvel Cinematic Universe pile after [...]

Taika Waititi took the Thor franchise from the bottom of the Marvel Cinematic Universe pile after Thor: The Dark World, and brought it to the top of the line, with Thor: Ragnarok. That film's use of comedy and Marvel-themed satire has cemented both it and Waititi as fan-favorites within the Marvel fandom, but apparently, the stars of Thor: Ragnarok deserve a lot more credit for the film's success than they've been given! According to Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo, he and Thor actor Chris Hemsworth basically improvised much of Thor: Ragnarok's script, which means they also helped create the comedic moments that helped the film win over fans.

Here's what Mark Ruffalo recently told Marvel fans at Tokyo Comic Con, regarding he and Hemsworth's efforts on Thor: Ragnarok:

"We have a lot of fun. Actually, Chris Hemsworth who is here... Chris Hemsworth and I did 'Thor: Ragnarok' together, and we basically improvised the entire script, and we had an amazing time with Taika Waititi, and it was just a lot of fun: we shot in Australia, we played alot, we made a lot of jokes, and it was a great time."

Ruffalo - who is notorious for dropping big Marvel movie spoilers - isn't really revealing much, as Taika Waititi's loose and improvisational process for Thor: Ragnarok is a well-documented matter by now. However, at the same time, it's a slightly different story to hear Ruffalo claim that he and Hemsworth basically made the storyline of Hulk and Thor up as they were going along. Again: Ragnarok isn't the first Marvel movie to take that approach - truthfully, it's not even the first Thor movie to go into production that half-cooked (see: Thor: The Dark World). What makes this case different is that we're actually amazed that the end result turned out so well!

Well, now Taika Waititi and Chris Hemsworth have some great foundation underneath their respective feet, as they head into the series' next installment, Thor: Love and Thunder. That film will make the pivotal move of giving the power of Thor to Natalie Portman's Jane Foster - so one would assume there needs to be a bit more of a narrative plan, this time around....

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