'Doctor Strange's Benedict Cumberbatch Hints At Marvel Cinematic Universe's Multiverse

If you thought the Greek and Roman mythologies were complicated, then you have yet to delve into the Marvel Multiverse. DC Comics is not the only publisher who explores alternate universes as Marvel does the same. While many of its most famous stories occur within one main timeline, Marvel's mythos stretches over several universes.

So, fans believe it is only a matter of time before the Marvel Cinematic Universe toes into the multiverse. They are not the only ones though; No, Benedict Cumberbatch (Stephen Strange) thinks the multiverse’s introduction is inevitable.

Recently, Thor: Ragnarok’s digital release went live, and it contained a special which detailed the MCU’s first ten years (via CinemaBlend). The reel housed chats with many Marvel superstars, and Cumberbatch’s interview briefly touched upon the idea of a multiverse.

“What we've seen happen within the Marvel Cinematic Universe is this ever-expanding couture of superheroes,” the actor explained. “I think now we're at the stage where this universe, even within our world, has gotten quite crowded and it's just about to explode into other dimensions.”

Of course, Cumberbatch is not wrong with his assessment. The MCU does have a whole host of characters who have become very closely attached with their actors. It is hard to imagine Iron Man without Robert Downey Jr. or Captain America sans Chris Evans. The franchise’s eventual cast turnover will be a jarring one, but it could be eased if Iron Man’s replacement is a Tony from a whole other universe. Maybe this is how Riri Williams gets her big-screen debut, yeah?


The MCU has not fully embraced its multiverse options, but it has laid groundwork for such a structure. Ant-Man opened the door to universe-hopping when the Quantum Realm debuted, and Doctor Strange confirmed parallel dimensions are rather real indeed. The franchise has time before it will need a soft reboot, but fans are willing to bet Kevin Feige’s team is already whispering about the mechanics of a multiverse behind the scenes.

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