Marvel Releases First Cover for 'Old Man Quill'

With the Old Man Hawkeye maxi-series set to wrap up next month, January will be the first month in a few years that Marvel Comics doesn't have a title a part of the "Old Man" universe set to be released.

Have no fear though, true believers — after the one-month break, Old Man Hawkeye writer Ethan Sacks is returning to pen Old Man Quill and Marvel has since released the cover for the first issue in the series.

Although nothing major is revealed on the cover, it gives us our first real look at an elder Peter Quill in addition to a high-quality version of the maxi-series logo, which happens to feature the Ravagers logo from the live-action Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Speaking with Newsarama, Sacks says writing Old Man Quill is compelling because he gets explore much, much more than just earth.

"We have gotten to see the saga of Logan and Hawkeye in the Wastelands, but there is literally a whole world - make that a whole galaxy - left to explore," Sacks reflected. "There is so much potential in more visits to this deliciously awful place first dreamed up by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven a decade ago."

According to Sacks, Quill has become a failure as the emperor of Spartax and the series will follow Star-Lord as he gets the band back together to right his wrongs.

"We find Peter in a dark place, so don't expect him to come out quipping one-liners," Sacks said. "He's a lot more haunted than we're used least at the beginning of his tale. This Star-Lord is a little bit reminiscent of the revenge-bent gunslinger that Steve Englehart first dreamed up in 1976."

"Though fortunately, there's always Rocket Raccoon to alleviate the tension in the room..."

Originally some of the least known characters in Marvel's stable of characters, the popularity of the Guardians of the Galaxy boomed after they debuted in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2014. Sacks say that even though they're all aliens, the Guardians are "so darn human," making them as relatable than most superheroes today.

"They may look like aliens, but they're so darn human," Sacks mentioned. "The Guardians of the Galaxy are the quintessential misfits that find belonging with each other — even if they'll rarely admit it."


Old Man Quill is a 12-issue maxi-series set to premiere in February. Along with Sacks writing, the art will be done by Robert Gill with covers provided by Andrea Sorrentino.

Are you looking forward to Old Man Quill? Have you been reading Old Man Hawkeye? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!