'Marvel Contest of Champions' Reveals New Original Character AEgon

Marvel Contest of Champions mobile game is adding another original character to the Marvel Comics mythology.

At New York Comic Con, Kabam announced the introduction of AEgon, the third original Marvel character created for the game following Guillotine and Morningstar.

Take a look at AEgon's design in the poster below.

Conetest of Champions Aegon
(Photo: Kabam)

"Our collaboration with Marvel has been an interesting one," says Gabriel Frizzera, art and creative director for Marvel Contest of Champions. "The rise of Contest of Champions as one of Marvel's most popular games of all time also coincided with Marvel Games' new way of seeing their partnerships. Gone are the days where video games were just copycats of other media. Today, Marvel games are encouraged to tell their own stories and use the Marvel Universe to make the best possible product. Our team has always taken that to heart, and since the beginning, we have been in the business of universe-building. We alternate the launching of a classic comic or current MCU characters with original ones that we develop in partnership with Marvel. All our creations have been wildly successful with the fans, because they possess gameplay traits to make them desirable, and at the same time they feel like true Marvel characters, visually and story-wise."

AEgon is a member of a race of pacifists who have been enslaved by the Master of the first Contest of Champions. But AEgon is a bit of rebel, and secretly defied his people's nonviolent code to train as a gladiator in the hopes that he could win The Contest and free his people. AEgon won The Contest, but victory came at a price. The death of The Master caused an explosion that destroyed his arm and killed his beloved, and he was ultimately exiled by his people for his use of violence.

"ÆGON is the latest in this lineage," Frizzera says. "He is a character with an origin that connects directly to the mythology we have been building in these last 4 years (he is the Champion of the very first Contest of Champions, millions of years ago), and a tragic character with a very 'Marvel' backstory. When creating this character we asked ourselves the questions, 'What would a veteran of The Contest of Champions look like? What happens if the Super Heroes and Super Villains can never leave, and keep on fighting forever? What would that do to their bodies and minds?'

"That's Ægon's story. Even without powers, he has fought to the end to win the freedom of his people in The Contest, only to be shunned by them in the end. He lost his home, his loved one and his arm in the process, and was left behind in The Battlerealm... An immortal warrior with no will to fight again, until he finds the reason to come back into the world. His championship belt grants him powers that he cannot yet comprehend, and he's struggling to become more than someone that can inflict pain... And that will be his journey."


That "championship belt" is the Iso-Belt, which allows AEgon to manifest an arm construct to replace the one he lost and other constructs. The true power of the Iso-Belt remains to be explored.

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