Marvel and DC Heroes Join Together in Fan Made "Unity" Video

Some superhero fans are all about debating whether Marvel is better than DC or vice versa. One fan [...]

Some superhero fans are all about debating whether Marvel is better than DC or vice versa. One fan on YouTube decided to take the opposite approach.

YouTube user UltraSargent has edited together a fan trailer called "Marvel/DC: Unity." The story brings together characters from across both the Marvel and DC catalogs.

The fan edit goes beyond just the Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC Extended Universe. The video also features characters from the Arrowverse, X-Men movies universe, and Watchmen.

UltraSargeant says he the idea was to imagine "what if Days of Future Past was combined with Civil War, with DC & Marvel involved.

Here's the synopsis of the "Unity" story:

"While experimenting with the Tesseract, Bruce Wayne accidentally causes a chain of events which fuses the Marvel & DC Earths. Now combined, the worlds learn to live together peacefully. Or so they think. The future. A dark, desolate world. With such a growing number of super-powered people existing, the Governments of the world decide to initiate the Vigilante Registration Act and attempt to round up all mutants & metahumans. The world descends into disarray. Heroes are forced to take sides - each having conflicting beliefs. Some believe powerful individuals need to be put in check, while others feel they should be given the freedom they deserve. Professor X seeks out Barry Allen, to travel backward in time to stop the Vigilante Registration Act being passed and prevent the events that lead to the abominable future. However, unbeknown to them, a deeper threat lurks in the shadows."

UltraSargent also expresses an interest in a dark future that "Unity" creates. As such, he'll be working on a trailer titled "Marvel/DC: Knightmare" that will focus on that timeline.

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If you want a complete Marvel and DC Comics team-up story there's out JLA/Avengers. The 2003-2004 series was written by Kurt Busiek. The series was the last time that Marvel and DC allowed their characters to interact. The story sees the Justice League and Avengers teaming up to defeat a threat to both their universes. This series has the popular page with Superman wielding Mjolnir and Cap's shield.