Marvel Mashing Up Punisher With Power Pack

Marvel is mashing characters together in “Warped World” as part of the Infinity Wars event. This results in “warped” characters, combining two Marvel characters into one. Now Marvel has revealed what may be its most ridiculous warped characters yet.

In Infinity Wars: Infinity Warps #2, Marvel Comics will introduce the Punisher Pack, a warped mashup of the Punisher and the Power Pack. That’s right, the vigilante murderer is being combined with the four children who make up Marvel’s superhero family for young readers.

Here’s the cover for Infinity Wars: Infinity Warps #2. The artwork features the Punisher Pack and Diamond Patch, and Kamala Kang.

(Photo: Giuseppe Camuncoli, Marvel Entertainment)

The origin of the Punisher Pack is a combination of the Punisher’s origin and the Power Pack’s origin. It reads, “when their parents were killed as they got their powers, they swore revenge and became…THE PUNISHER PACK!”

It should be interesting to see how the Punisher Pack is received. On the surface, combining the Punisher with children like the Power Pack seems ridiculous. Yet, fans know that Power Pack stories are often darker than one might expect. Members of the Power Pack also often end up in the darkest stories from other series.

Warped World is created by Gamora, now calling herself Requiem. She used the power of the six Infinity Stones to fuse one half of all life in the universe with the other half. In this way, she achieved the goal of her father Thanos - eliminating half of the life in the universe - but in a more eloquent way. Some other warped characters include Iron Hammer, Soldier Supreme, Ghost Panther, and ArachKnight.

What do you think of Marvel’s Punisher Pack and the other warped characters? Have you been enjoying Infinity Wars? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Infinity Wars: Infinity Warps #2 goes on sale in December.

Garry Brown, Kev Walker, Chris Sprouse & Flaviano (A)


With astonishing mental powers and a skeleton made of solid diamond, DIAMOND PATCH lives a life of violence and glamor! Plus, when the Chronogen Mists left KAMALA KANG forever changed, they set her on a course to becoming the teenaged conqueror of time! And finally, when their parents were killed as they got their powers, they swore revenge and became…THE PUNISHER PACK!

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