Marvel Just United X-Men's Good and Evil Mutants

The latest issue of Marvel Comics reinvention of the X-Men continued this week with what's sure to [...]

The latest issue of Marvel Comics reinvention of the X-Men continued this week with what's sure to be one of the most important issues in the two-sided maxi series, with House of X #5 completely changing everything we thought we knew about the mutants. Not only did these characters finally combine their gifts and figure out a way to conquer the one enemy that plagues everyone — death. And in doing so, it established the mutant nation of Krakoa as a formidable force in the geopolitical stage. In order to do so, all they had to do was open up their borders.

House of X #5 shows the ramifications of Magneto's meeting with the global Security Council, confirming that the many countries across the globe have recognized Krakoa as a sovereign nation. And now, Xavier is offering all of his former foes amnesty — and a lot of villains are taking him up on his offer.

By the end of the issue, prominent villains like Apocalypse, Sebastian Shaw, Exodus, and Mister Sinister accept the offer given by the mutant nation. We also see characters like Lady Mastermind, Mentallo, Animax, Wyldside, Selene, Emplate, Marrow, Frenzy, Calypso, and many more, all accepting sovereignty under the banner of Krakoa led by Xavier.

In the end, Xavier makes it clear that he and Magneto have create a safe space for all mutants, and not only is it an area where they can live free of persecution. Instead, it is an area where they can thrive and all work toward a common goal. And in acceptance of their enemies, they make it clear that the old ways are finished — now, they're just working toward the prosperity of their own people.

This dichotomy is made clear when Wolverine, working as the "door man" of Krakoa, expresses his doubt that some major villains will be accepting of the new status quo — especially Apocalypse.

But the villain who always supports the concept of Survival of the Fittest, and the one character who many fans might think would not support this new concept of unity, is entirely on board.

As he makes it clear, he's been fighting a war in the hopes that mutants would assert their dominance for his entire existence. Now, mutants don't need to fight, they just merely need to co-exist, and that dominance is all but hereditary to the cause.

House of X #5 is now available in stores and online.