Marvel's Tom Brevoort Talks Classic Character Returns In Marvel Legacy

Marvel Legacy kicks off this week, and with it comes the return of some of Marvel's most beloved characters. already broke the news of one huge return coming in the Marvel Legacy #1 one-shot issue, but Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoort tells us that the return of Marvel's classic characters is a long-term process.

"It will not be all at once—each character is involved in a different situation, a different story," Brevoort says. "So while we'll be seeing pretty much all of the classic heroes returning, they're not going to be doing so en masse. The Marvel Legacy one-shot gives some concrete suggestions as to who you might be seeing sooner rather than later, and I think that most of the main players ought to be back on the table and into the mix by next summer at the latest—and some of them will show up unexpectedly well before then!"

When it comes to classic Marvel character, the real Steve Rogers, Captain America, made his grand return at the conclusion of Secret Empire. The returns of other classic characters like Iron Man and Thor Odinson have been teased by Marvel Legacy story titles like "The Search for Tony Stark" and "The Death of the Mighty Thor."

However, there's one group of characters still missing who loom large in the minds of Marvel fans and, as the characters that launched the Marvel Universe as fans now know it, they have a particularly strong connection to the theme of Marvel Legacy, and that's the Fantastic Four.

"What I can say is that, among the montage of preview art that we released when announcing several of the other artists that are contributing to the issue, there was an image of the Thing and the Human Torch doing something together—so make of that what you will!" Brevoort teased.

The Thing and The Human Torch will be teaming up in the relaunched Marvel Two-in-One series, which begins with the story arc titled "The Fate of the Four," suggesting that the return of Mr. Fantastic and The Invisible Woman is on the minds of Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm as well.


Marvel Legacy begins in the Marvel Legacy #1 one-shot, on sale this Wednesday, September 27th.