'Marvel Legacy' One-Shot Reveals Another Major Return

It turns out there’s more than one big return coming in Marvel Legacy #1, and this one truly goes to the root of Marvel’s legacy.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for Marvel Legacy #1

ComicBook.com can reveal that Marvel Legacy #1, which we can also confirm has sold north of 325,000 units, will be the first time that Valeria and Franklin Richards, the children of Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman, have been seen since the conclusion of Secret Wars.

Here’s a sneak peek at Valeria and Franklin’s appearance in Marvel Legacy #1:

Marvel Legacy Fantastic Four

"What does Franklin and Valeria’s return portend for the Marvel’s Universe’s first family?” Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso teased. “Keep reading. And start with Marvel Two-In-One, where half of the Fantastic Four will form the ultimate buddy book. Can 1 plus 1 equal four? Find out."

Marvel Two-In-One is a classic Marvel title being revitalized by Marvel Comics as part of Marvel Legacy. The series will see The Thing and The Human Torch, the only two members of the Fantastic Four still on Earth, teaming up once again in a new storyline titled “The Fate of the Four.”

The other half of the Fantastic Four, Sue and Reed Richards, as well as the Richards children and the Future Foundation kids, were left somewhere outside of normal spacetime at the end of 2015’s Secret Wars event, where they set about undoing the damage dealt by Doctor Doom and rebuilding the multiverse.

Those who returned to their normal lives following Secret Wars seem to have more or less moved on after the disappearance of the Fantastic Four. Peter Parker bought the Baxter Building, which became a new base of operations for the Avengers. The Human Torch joined the Avengers Unity Squad and became an Avengers liaison to the Inhumans, even dating Medusa for a while. The Thing spent some time with the Guardians of the Galaxy before returning to Earth and joining SHIELD.


While the Marvel Universe may have moved on, Marvel fans have not, and they’ve been eager to learn more about the fate of the Fantastic Four. It seems an answer is finally forthcoming.

Marvel Legacy #1 goes on sale in comic book stores on September 27, 2017.