Marvel Reveals New X-Men Team

Marvel is assembling a new X-Men team. Marvel revealed a new teaser image revealing a team consisting of X-23, Synch, and Darwin assembled for a special, important mission in X-Men #5. The issue also reunites writer Jonathan Hickman with his Powers of X collaborator, artist R.B. Silva. Per Marvel, "Fresh off their hit run on POWERS OF X, mastermind writer Jonathan Hickman and superstar artist R.B. Silva reunite in X-MEN #5 for a shocking story that will lead directly into future plans Hickman has for the X-Men franchise! With all of mutantkind now united on Krakoa, any of your favorite X-Men can be called upon to defend their new mutant homeland. Watch what happens when the Quiet Council assembles X-23, Synch, and Darwin for a dangerous mission that requires each of their unique abilities."

Pulling together unique teams for unique missions is something that Marvel editor-in-chief C.B. Cebulski teased would happen in the series. "When people ask Hickman who is in the book, he says everyone," Cebulski said during a New York Comic Con panel in October. "This is the book that anyone can show up at any time in this book. Cyclops is going to be putting together various teams for whatever mission comes up, and this is endless action."

X-23, a.k.a. Laura Kinney is the clone of Wolverine who took over Logan's mantle for a time. She's been seen more recently in the pages of Fallen Angels attempting to acclimate to life in the mutant paradise of Krakoa after existing as a living weapon for most of her life.

X-Men X-23 Synch Darwin
(Photo: Marvel)

Synch, a.k.a. Everett Thomas is one of the founding members of Generation X, the team of young mutants based out of Emma Frost's Massachusetts Academy in the 1990s. He has the mutant ability to copy the powers of nearby mutants and superhumans.

Darwin, a.k.a. Armando Muñoz was a member of Professor X's secret second team of X-Men that he assembled after the original X-Men went missing on Krakoa but before he gathered the "all-new, all-different" X-Men. Darwin's mutant power is "reactive evolution," meaning his body reflexively adapts to life-threatening situations. Professor X believed Darwin and his teammates died during their mission to Krakoa and wiped them from the memories of anyone else who knew about them. It was later revealed that Cyclops' brother, Vulcan, survived and Darwin survived within Vulcan. Upon returning to life on Earth, Darwin spent some time as a member of X-Factor.

What do you think of the new X-Men team? Let us know in the comments. X-Men #5 goes on sale on January 29th.

X-Men #5
(W) Jonathan Hickman (A) R. B. Silva (CA) Leinil Francis Yu


The X-Men, the most powerful heroes on the planet, deal with an old nemesis' surprising return...

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