Marvel Reveals Doctor Doom As The Infamous Iron Man

Infamous Iron Man
Credit: Marvel

The role of Iron Man seems to be in flux post-Civil War II, and now there is another longtime Marvel icon under the helmet.

CBR revealed the latest addition to the Iron Man mythos to be none other than Victor Von Doom, who will be the lead in the new series Infamous Iron Man. The book is being helmed by longtime collaborators Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev, who are also the team behind Marvel's International Iron Man.

(Photo: Marvel)

Infamous will temporarily replace International Iron Man, and is a story that spins directly out of events from Invincible Iron Man, again, written by Bendis.

After Secret Wars, Doom has attempted to rehabilitate himself in Invincible, but how he gets to the point of actually putting on the Iron Man armor remains to be seen. Recently Marvel announced a new addition to the Iron Man universe, Riri Williams, who will be taking over the Iron Man role from Tony Stark in Invincible.


She'll likely take over the role after the events of Civil War II (also written by Bendis...sense a theme?), but whether it's because Tony Stark is no longer around or just decides to take a leave of absence from being Iron Man remains to be seen.

Regardless of how he gains the role, I'm intrigued to see him interact with Riri. Doctor Doom doesn't seem the type to willingly deal with the younger generation, at least patiently.