Marvel's 'Secret Warriors' Is Officially Cancelled

Another day, another Marvel Comics book dead and gone. This time, fans are having to say goodbye to the latest iteration of Secret Warriors, as issue #12 of the book made it pretty clear that things had reached their conclusion:

Secret Warriors (2017) #12 Ending Finale

This 2017 iteration of the Secret Warriors was born out of the "Secret Empire" crossover, which wasn't Marvel's most acclaimed event (to say the least). It seems as though Marvel has been trying to wrap up all things "Secret Empire" and tie the storylines off, setting the stage for new chapter. Despite solid critical and fan acclaim, Secret Warriors may just be another casualty of that situation.

Writer Matthew Rosenberg and artist Javier Garron managed to gather one of the oddest collection of Marvel heroes we've ever seen, and yet, made this quirky weird family work, while providing some exciting ties to the larger Marvel Universe - often in unexpected ways. It will be interesting to see where that creative team lands next, if/where Marvel wants to use them again.


As the final issue says, the Secret Warriors will return... someday. Probably. One has to wonder if Marvel couldn't also be setting the stage for another Marvel Cinematic Universe version of the team, which was indirectly referenced in Agents of SHIELD.