Marvel's Ironheart Series Ending in December

Marvel's ongoing Ironheart series will end with its twelfth issue in December. Fans of the series suspected as much when Marvel’s December solicitations were released earlier this week. Ironheart writer Eve Ewing confirmed the cancellation via Twitter. “well, i knew our very observant readers would be peeking at the December solicits, so it's time to make it official: the #Ironheart solo title with wrap with issue 12! thank you to all of you who have been with us on this journey. i'm not sad about this, for three reasons.” Ewing tweeted in a thread. “first, working on this title and writing this character has been such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. i always said that even if i got to do one issue it would mean the world. we did 12, in a tight market that is not always welcoming to new characters, especially ‘risky’ ones.

“second, IRONHEART 11 AND 12 ARE ABSOLUTELY BANANAS. saying we are going out with a bang is an understatement. i did the script review for 11 yesterday and i was gasping and yelping as i moved through the issue, despite having literally written it myself. i'm proud of us,” she continued. “third, i am not going anywhere, and neither is Riri. we're shifting gears and we will be back. quite soon. ...not in a movie and not on TV so please don't @ me on that, lol. all i can say is check out #Incoming this December for clues.”

Incoming is the touchstone comic coming from Marvel in December. The issue will unite characters from across the Marvel Universe to investigate a murder mystery. The investigation will reveal a cosmic-level threat that sets the stage for the next phase of the Marvel Universe in 2020.

Ewing is a scholar, poet, and journalist. Ironheart is her first comics work. The series launched in 2018. It was Riri Williams's first solo series following her debut in Invincible Iron Man. It sounds like Ewing will be moving onto another Marvel Comics title in 2020, the seeds of which will be planeted in December’s Incoming.

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Ironheart #12
(W) Eve Ewing (A/CA) Luciano Vecchio


Ironheart's Wakanda adventure comes to a shocking conclusion. With allies Shuri, Silhouette and Okoye by her side, Riri Williams faces her biggest challenger yet: her own past. And things will never be the same.

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