Marvel's She-Hulk Comic-Con Poster Phone Number Plays a Message When You Call

She-Hulk is at San Diego Comic-Con and there's a hotline you can call for a big green attorney. If you call 1 (877) SHE-HULK, you can hear the heroine lay out the services her law firm provides powered individuals with. Marvel Studios has been promoting the upcoming Disney+ series heavily before it's debut in August. Nowhere has that advertisement been ramped up more than at Comic-Con. Around the convention center, there are banners with Tatiana Maslany's CGI-ed leg all over the place. Marvel Studios has a massive mega panel planned for Saturday evening, and She-Hulk is poised to play a sizable role in the proceedings. So, as the hype continues to build heading into the weekend, fans are already getting a small taste of what's in-store during the comedy series. Check out She-Hulk Updates' call to the hotline down below:

Series star Maslany talked to SFX Magazine about her hesitancy to join the MCU initially. But, over time, she realized that it might have just been nerves. "This audition was the first real [one[, and it was done over Zoom so I don't even know, really, who all was present. But I met with Kevin [Feige] after I was cast and was able to sit down and chat with him," Maslany admitted.

"I've always sort of been nervous to step into a world like this because I prize character over everything, and I just didn't know how much that would exist in bigger projects," she added. "But when I read the pilot, this was such an unexpected take on a superhero story. It's so human. There's really great explorations of the mundanity of life, in really great ways. And also, it's speaking to something that I'm really interested in, which is when you suddenly start getting seen as something; then you're seen as one thing, and you become commodified as that thing. What this show does, but in a funny and unexpected way, is deal with this idea."

"How do you own the wholeness of what your body is when something has happened to you; or you are suddenly seen so differently; or there's an expectation on you to behave a certain way because of how you look? There's all these undertones that I find really compelling in the subtext of this sort of story," the star continued. "Also, what is the expectation on a female superhero versus a male superhero? It's incredibly different."

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law debuts on Disney+ on August 18th.

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