Marvel's X-Force Gets New Costumes

The paramilitary mutant team known as X-Force is back in the Marvel universe and they’ve got a new style to match their new mission.

X-Force hasn’t been around for a while. The closest thing in the Marvel Universe recently was “Weapon X-Force.” That was the name the Weapon X team took after Sabretooth took over leadership, and decided to rebrand the group and get back to being mercenaries.

Before that, there had been two versions of X-Force. The original X-Force was what Cable transformed the New Mutants into after Xavier’s students “graduated.” The group was often labeled as mutant terrorists but later got back into the good graces of the X-Men. Cable was their leader for a long time but later left the group on its own. The British mutant Pete Wisdom later took control of the team before it disbanded and replaced by the team later known as the X-Statix.

Cyclops formed a new X-Force after the events of "Messiah CompleX." Wolverine led the team and it had a few classic X-Force veterans in Warpath and Domino. After the events of "Second Coming," Cyclops disbanded the group. Wolverine reformed it in secret as a completely separate team featuring none of the original X-Force members.

Cable later got a makeshift team together as a new X-Force, but that oddball group was short-lived and self-destructive. It took the death of Cable in Extermination to reunite the original X-Force lineup (most of them, anyway). Their mission: hunt down the man who killed Cable, which happens to also be Cable.

Going back into the world of black ops means a new look for the X-Force squad. The costumes are uniforms of a sort. They're not quite the same but they all share a color scheme. They also incorporate elements of several past X-Force uniforms. There’s the black, white, and grey stealth look of Wolverine’s first X-Force squad. On the "X" insignia there's a splash of orange from Cable’s ad hoc X-Force and Sabretooth’s Weapon X-Force.

Take a look on the cover of X-Force #2:

X-Force 2
(Photo: Pepe Larraz, Marvel Entertainment)

And yes, that is young Cable and Deathlok in uniform as X-Force members. They’re on a mission to stop the government of Transia from persecuting mutants. So, X-Force is holding off on murdering Kid Cable...for now.

What do you think of X-Force’s new costumes? Let us know in the comments!

X-Force #2 is on sale now.



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