Marvel Kills a Major X-Men Character in 'Extermination'

Marvel Comics today kicks off its next X-Men event in Extermination #1 and the series has already [...]

Marvel Comics today kicks off its next X-Men event in Extermination #1 and the series has already claimed its first major casualty.

SPOILERS for Extermination #1 by Ed Brisson, Pepe Larraz, and Marte Gracia follow.

Extermination has been billed as the final chapter of the saga of the time-displaced original X-Men that began years ago in the pages of All-New X-Men. The original five's presence in the present day will apparently have drastic repercussions on the X-Men's future.

Extermination #1 begins a mysterious hooded figure surveying the damage. They visit the Xavier School 20 years into the future and find it littered with the corpses of the X-Men. The figure curses someone for getting old and not doing what needed to be done when they had the chance.

In the present day, the original five X-Men find themselves under attack. First Ahab and his hounds arrive from the future to try to capture young Cyclops. Cyke is able to escape, but his friend and team ally Bloodstorm pays the price when she finds herself on the end of Ahab's silver-tipped spear.

Cyclops calls a code blue to assemble his team. Iceman happens to be at the theater at the time. He leaves but comes under fire from that same mysterious hooded figure that opened the story. Iceman takes cover and is surprised to find that Cable is nearby to lend him a hand.

Unfortunately, Iceman and Cable are in a bad situation. The hooded figure has them pinned down from the high ground and is packing some serious tech. Iceman soon finds himself stunned and when Cable to tries to help the hooded figure charges in.

Cable seems to have the upper hand for a time as the fight becomes a close combat affair, but the hooded figure manages to pull out a gun and shoot Cable, now with the upper hand, the hooded figure stands over Cable delivers the final blow.

Extermination Cable Dies
(Photo: Pepe Larraz, Marte Gracia, Ed Brisson, Marvel Entertainment)

Cable's death is later confirmed as the X-Men come to collect his body and mourn. Iceman is nowhere to be found, having been taken by the hooded figure.

In the issue's final page, Cable's killer is revealed to be none other than...Cable. A younger version of himself that seems more willing to deal harshly with these young original X-Men.

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Extermination #1 is on sale now.