Marvel Announces X-Men and Fantastic Four Crossover

Marvel has re-invented the world of the X-Men and now that brave new world is about to collide with the Fantastic Four! Yes, the two Marvel teams that writer Jonathan Hickman redefined for the 21st century are coming together in a new book called X-Men / Fantastic Four, which will launch in February 2020. The creative team includes writer Chip Zdarsky (Marvel 2-in-One) with art by Terry and Rachel Dodson. The book will feature the character of Franklin Richards (aka Reed and Sue Richards' son), who is one of Marvel's Omega Level mutants - a plot thread recently set up by Hickman's House of X event series.

Read below for details on X-Men / Fantastic Four, including the description of the book by Zdarsky, in which he admits that Franklin Richards, "He’s our focus, for sure. The recent changes of him being aged up gives him more authority about his future, and I’m taking advantage of that with this story."

X-Men Fantastic Four 1 Cover (2020)
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

As stated, House of X #1 had a notable (if not strange) scene in which the Fantastic Four aprehended Sabertooth during a clandestine mission on behalf of the X-Men's new mutant nation of Krakoa. Cyclops tried to intervene (as Krakoa has bought mutants amnesty from human laws), only to have things get testy with F4. Cyclops threw major shade at Sue and Reed while leaving the encounter, telling them:

"Please greet your son for me... and tell him when he's ready... he has family on Krakoa waiting for him."

Franklin being a mutant son of the world's most famous superhero family puts him in a precarious position in this new world order. Krakoa may indeed be a better home for Franklin than F4 headquarters - a change that would not sit well with his parents, as Reed Richards has already openly stated his displeasure for mutant amnesty being extended to evil mutants. Franklin going to Krakoa would be like the kid going to a college his parents hated.

It's an exciting time for both franchises to come together, as Marvel fans are eager for new visions of both X-Men and Fantastic Four to be introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As Zdarsky teases, the impact of this crossover will in fact have major ramifications, going forward:

"I never usually get to say this with my books, but this series will have repercussions for years to come in the Marvel universe, which is incredibly cool. Unless, again, I’m being punked by Hickman."


Check out the full interview with Zdarsky over at NewsARama

X-Men / Fantastic Four will debut in February 2020.