X-Men Just Turned Prof. X Into A Major Threat to the Marvel Universe

The latest chapter of the X-Men Saga has just made the game-changing reveal that Professor X's brain has been corrupted (again), and now stands as potentially the most dangerous threat to both humanity and mutantkind! 


In Immortal X-Men #10, the X-Men's ruling Quiet Council of Krakoa is still reeling from the surprise attack by Sinister, who used Moira X's timeline reboot powers to launch an Edge of Tomorrow-style trial-and-error ambush on the council. Xavier, Exodus, Emma Frost, and Hope Summers were among the list of those killed in the attack – with Hope being the most crucial loss, as her mutant powers are the key ingredient in the mutants' resurrection process. 

With a narrow bit of luck, everyone is resurrected again, and Sinister is hunted down and brought to Krakoan justice – after a furious battle with the villain's nightmare army of mutant splice creatures. The Quiet Council sentences Sinister to the Pit, where he will be trapped in a hellish limbo. However, the cliffhanger ending sees Xavier remove the Cerebro helmet from his head to reveal that he now has Sinister's diamond in his forehead, suggesting the villain has infected and/or hijacked Xavier's body! 

There are clues all throughout Immortal X-Men #10 that not all is right with Prof. X. The biggest clue is the issue's narration, which is a voice-over from an ambiguous source, which is revealed to be "Xavier" by the end. The voice of the narrator sounds off for Xavier's character – to the point that it's almost a necessary save when it's revealed that it's not Xavier at all. 

The second big clue was the kind of thoughts that "Xavier" was expressing. As the Quiet Council lays siege to Sinister's stronghold, Prof. X was ruminating on how mutants are a minority group that deserves the fear it gets, as they are indeed a danger to the world, the galaxy, and all reality – with Xavier acknowledging that he is one of the biggest threats of all, having put psychic controls on world leaders to prevent doomsday events. After Sinister is banished to the pits, Xavier commits to building a kinder version of Krakoa without the influence of "monsters" like Sinister. However, by the end when we learn Sinister has somehow infected or hijacked Xavier's body, Prof. X is openly thinking about how he has been a martyr for mutants because the alternative – his psychic powers put to malicious use – would be a potentially doomsday event. 

What Did Sinister Do to Prof. X? 

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Marvel is building its "Sins of Sinister" storyline in X-Men books right now. The events of the story have revealed that the original Nathaniel Essex died in the 19th century, as a result of his human body being overwhelmed by the power Apocalypse gave him. Essex made a run for "immortality" by cloning himself into four separate Mr. Sinister bodies, each with a playing card symbol on its forehead. The clone of diamonds Sinister was tasked with proving the supremacy of mutant genes, and by the mid-20th century, Sinister launched a scheme (as Dr. Nathan Milbury) to splice his own DNA into power mutant bloodlines like the Shaws, Markos, and Xavier families. 

Immortal X-Men #10 suggests that Sinister has a "back door" failsafe to manifest himself in the mutants he implanted his DNA in. While 'Sinister Xavier' is certainly a doomsday-level threat we haven't seen since Onslaught (the monstrous entity created from the merged Xavier/Magneto psyche), it also feels like more Alpha and/or Omega-level mutants may soon turn Sinister, as well...

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