First Loki Set Photos Seems to Give First-Look at Lady Loki

Marvel is a big fan of Loki, and you only have to check out the company's plans for the hero to see that is true. Time and again, the Marvel Cinematic Universe used the god as a villain, and his comics presence has risen in kind. Now, Loki is slated to get his own titular TV series on Disney+ next year, and its first set photos appear to give fans their first look at Lady Loki.

Yes, that is right! Lady Loki seems to be right around the corner. The Disney+ series has long teased fans about the vixen's possible appearance, and it seems Sophia Di Martino has been asked to oversee the character.

Over on Twitter, the user cosmic posted the first set photos from Loki, and they focused on Tom Hiddleston for the most part. The star is the one who brought Loki to life years ago, and Hiddleston is suited up in an actual business suit in these photos. Joined by an army of soldiers, Loki appears to be an Agent of the Time Variance Authority in these shots, and he could be after Lady Loki.

An additional set photo, which you can see above, seems to show our first look at the character. Martino was snapped on set wearing a puffy black jacket, pants, and combats boots - but her outfit is visible in the light. The actress is wearing a tight green body suit that is colored forest green. The armored outfit also features a gold neckline similar to the one Loki has on his costume, and her short blonde hair gives Martino an impish look. And as you can imagine, that vibe suits Lady Loki just fine.

When Martino was first cast last November, reports circulated the actress was likely going to play Lady Loki opposite of Hiddleston. Now, it seems this Loki set photo has lent serious credence to those reports. While some argue this set photo could highlight other characters like Enchantress, rumors rallying behind Lady Loki have circulated for far longer. And when you look at this set photo, it is hard to deny the Lady Loki vibe which Martino is giving off.

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