Ms. Marvel Star Reveals if Hero Would Be Team Cap or Team Tony During Civil War

Ms. Marvel star Iman Vellani revealed which side she would be on in Captain America: Civil War. During a Reddit AMA where fans got the chance to pick her brain on a number of topics, she had to roll with Robert Downey Jr.'s hero. It makes a ton of sense, there's been a lot made of her Iron Man fandom as a young girl. Being a Marvel stan, she has portions of the movie memorized. Vellani is also on record as saying that there were a lot more references to Tony Stark in the Disney+ series. In fact, they got a studio note from Kevin Feige himself that told the crew to tone it down. (After all, Kamala Khan is supposed to be all-about Carol Danvers when it comes to her fandom.) But, poor Chris Evans can't catch a break when it comes to this discussion. Even though he ended up making some major points when the Sokovia Accords were being discussed in these films. People watching them just love Downey so much that they end up looking the other way. Check out her post down below. actually spoke to the Ms. Marvel star about her obsession with Iron Man this year. Funnily enough, that's where her love of the movie comes into the most stark focus.

"I think all of this started because I had a crush on Robert Downey Jr. [in Iron Man]," Vellani joked with the site. "The movie's so good. Jon Favreau is such a wonderful director. I think when I was like 11 or 12 my Marvel obsession just heightened to the max, and I fully became obsessed with Iron Man and anything to do with Iron Man."

"Whenever I was sad, I'd watch it. Whenever I was happy, I'd watch it. The first thing I did when I got cast was watch the movie," she added. "Every big moment in my life also includes Iron Man. Because I have that attachment to it, it means a lot to me even though you know, it's not like the greatest movie ever created, but to me it is."

"The 2016 run where Kamala is an Avenger, and she's fighting alongside Iron Man, and Iron Man's helping her with her physics homework and gets her gyros and fries, and they eat them together," Vellani continued. "He helps her when her dad gets sick in the comics. Their relationship is very, very wholesome."

Would you roll with Tony or Cap? Will we ever see Civil War II unfold in the MCU? Let us know down in the comments!