Ms. Marvel's Iman Vellani Reveals Kevin Feige's Reaction After She Declared the MCU Not Earth-616

Ms. Marvel star Iman Vellani explained how Kevin Feige reacted to her disagreement with the MCU's 616 designation. The actress made a lot of waves with her reaction to the Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness moment. During a Reddit AMA this week, she told fans that Feige might have had the last laugh. After the big moment on the Ms. Marvel red carpet, he just silently made a 616 gesture with his hands and walked away. It's nice to be the boss sometimes. No matter if fans disagree or his stars take issue with a decision, Feige holds all of the cards in these moments. It's a big decision to make the MCU and the Marvel Comics distinction the same, but it's what the decision-makers at Marvel Studios landed on. Just like another massive moment in the Ms. Marvel finale, things do deviate from the comics quite a bit. So, you have to expect a few curveballs here and there. Check out what the actress had to say down below.

Vellani explained, "No lol after I said that on the ms marvel carpet, I saw Kevin the next day and he just stared at me from a far and gestured 6-1-6 with his fingers and walked away…I think about that every night before bed."

A previous conversation with Esquire showed off the hysterical dynamic between the young star and the Marvel Studios head. In every interaction, she really feels like a fan.

"Okay, so my top favorite people in the entire world are Robert Downey Jr and Billy Joel, no one takes up that mental space. Kevin is three, and he knows how much I'm obsessed with him. He has been, you know, warming him up to my reaction," Vellani shared. "In our first week of filming, they told me, 'he's going come on Wednesday'. And it's Monday. And I'm sleeping in my chair or something. And then someone walks up to us. And she's like, 'so there's someone here to meet you'. And I, look down, up. And it's just Kevin's eyes because he was wearing a mask, and I froze completely. And he says, 'I heard you're doing a great job here!' I did not speak to him or smile at him until he left. I literally gave him a stare. I felt so bad because he was trying to make conversation with me and talk to me. And I gave him nothing"

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