Russo Brothers Tease Avengers: Infinity War Location Scouting Updates

Fans might not see Avengers: Infinity War hit theaters until 2018, but the Russo Brothers are [...]

Fans might not see Avengers: Infinity War hit theaters until 2018, but the Russo Brothers are already hard at work on the blockbuster. The directors have been in pre-production for the film since this summer, and full shooting is slated to begin before the year ends. As such, fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are following the directors' every move on social media to get updates on Infinity War, and they got one today about location scouting.

Well, until the post was deleted, that is.

Earlier today, a photo was posted by the Russo Brothers to their social media accounts before it was swiftly taken down. The image showed the two men standing in a long, antiquated hallway interspersed with brick archways. Light could be seen shining in from a widow, and the entire picture felt rather rustic. There are no apparent spoilers or even easter eggs obviously hidden in the photo, so fans are scratching their head about why the photo was taken down.

Looking at the scouting location, the first thing fans might think of is Harry Potter. The Russo Brothers appear to be in a large, bricked building that hold a similar gravitas to Hogwarts. With so few details floating around for Infinity War, it is hard to tell how a location such as this could be used - but fans still have their guesses.

Optimistic fans have noted that the hallway looks like something out of Latveria, the homeland of Doctor Doom. Of course, conflicting film rights between Marvel Studios and 20th Century Fox would keep the iconic villain from starring in Infinity War.

If Thanos keeps up the trend of sitting down, this locale could be CGI-ed into the Mad Titan's headquarters. However, there are fans who think it is far more likely that Thanos will keep his business far above Earth's atmosphere. Another possibility is Death's Lair. If Infinity War sticks to its source material, then Death will appear in the film as Thanos' unrequited suitor. The Russo Brothers seem to be in a somewhat dreary place, so the location could be turned into the immortal's home.

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This isn't the first scouting location photo that the Russo Brothers have shared, though it is the first they've deleted. Earlier this month, the directors shared a photo on Facebook of them scaling a spiral staircase. The never-ending stairs went down floor after floor, and the trippy image was enough to make fans dizzy. Given the recent introduction of Doctor Strange to the MCU, these locale might have something to do with the sorcerer's retro tastes.

Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters May 4, 2018.

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