Doctor Doom Has Revealed His Face Again

Few have seen the real face of Victor Von Doom and now, you can add Conan the Barbarian to that exclusive list. In the previews for Savage Avengers #8, the iconic Fantastic Four villain sits down with his Avengers counterpart for dinner and suddenly, one of Doom's biggest revelations of late takes place. Forewarning, slight spoilers for the Savage Avengers issue due out this week.

If you've been keeping up with Savage Avengers, you'll know the team recently got their biggest win yet, sending long-time Conan villain Kulan Gath back to the hellhole he crawled out of. In the process of said battle, Conan managed to rip away the character's amulet, wearing it as a kind of trophy. As one might expect, the amulet remaining in the proper Marvel Universe has drawn the attention of some of Marvel's most powerful sorcerers — and that's where Doom comes into play.

savage avengers 8-1
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

In the closing moments of Savage Avengers #7, Doom abducted Conan and took him to Latveria, in hopes of further checking out the amulet. That's where this month's issue kicks off, with the two sitting down for dinner. In the preview pages unveiled by Marvel over the weekend, Conan is digging into a turkey leg when he asks Doom about his mask. After throwing a bit of shade at the Laterverian dictator, Doom caves and reveals his face to Conan, although it remains hidden from fans — at least in the preview pages released.

savage avengers 8-2
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

The full solicitation for Savage Avengers #8 — due out this Wednesday, December 8th — is below.


Conan hates wizards, but this holiday he has to deal with both Dr. Strange & Dr. Doom. Ho-ho-holy $@#%!
Can these three set aside their differences to deal with Kulan Gath, the name on the top of their naughty list?
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