Shang-Chi Reportedly Begins Casting Process Ahead of Production Later This Year

Black Widow is now filming in Norway and before long, it looks like Shang-Chi will begin filming in the Land Down Under. Earlier today on Murphy's Law Podcast — hosted by entertainment scoop extradordinaire Charles Murphy, formerly of That Hashtag Show — it was revealed that Marvel Studios has started casting for another upcoming property, one which Murphy believes is Shang-Chi.

The reports appear to carry some accuracy as just last month, the Sydney-based Morning Herald reported that Shang-Chi was heading to the country with the production creating upwards of 4,700 new jobs for locals. Murphy mentions on his podcast that his understanding from everything he's seen is that Shang-Chi will turn the titular character into an MI6 agent, though he was sure to point out that's pure speculation.

A separate fan site (The GWW), managed to get their hands on a casting breakdown, which reveals the production is currently casting for two roles in particular, one "Male Leader" and another titled "Female" warrior. The studio is looking for an Asian male between the age of 40 and 60 to play the leader, who's described as "a wise, old statesman" and "the leader of his people." The female warrior, on the other hand, is an Asian female between the ages of 30 and 40 and is described as one of the leader's "most skilled and deadly warriors."

The timing of this all is pretty impeccable, especially after Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige previously confirmed that the real Mandarin and Ten Rings are still out there somewhere in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, admitting the studio has future plans for the character.

Another source tells that one well-known actor — who happens to match the description of one of the two roles listed above — has recently met with Marvel Studios, though it can't be confirmed if the meeting was for Shang-Chi or another property.


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Avengers: Endgame is now showing while Spider-Man: Far From Home enters theaters July 2nd.