Sideshow's Spider-Man: Miles Figure by Tracy Tubera Unboxed

Sideshow Collectibles has a reputation for offering some of the most creative, highly-detailed, and often times limited figures and statues centered around popular characters in pop culture. Comic book characters lend themselves to these products as their artistic designs often make for great creative opportunities and a new Spider-Man figure is no exception. Designed by Tracy Tubera and manufactured by Unruly Industries, a "Miles" designer figure is being offered as a designer collectible which is available in limited quantities. Only 1,500 are being produced and one of them is seen in's unboxing video above.

First impressions of the figure arrive when the box hits hands. It's a sleek cube, mostly covered in black, with some red detailing to emphasize that this is very much a Spider-Man figure. No portion of the box is transparent, so the figure cannot be seen through it, but the box itself is worthy of accompanying the figure when it is displayed, should the display location offer sufficient space. The thing red webbing pattern pops out from sections of the box, the figure is drawn onto it, and a Spider-Man logo sits on the top. It does a great job of honoring the Marvel Comics character who recently rose in popularity of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was a huge hit at the movies.

Inside, the figure can be found carefully packaged between two pieces of plastic shaped to hold it. It's a simple product to unbox, one which won't be time consuming by any means. Remove the plastic packaging and that's a wrap (or, unwrap?).

In your hands, the figure is very lightweight, immediately calling attention to its exaggerated design for Miles' feet and shoes. The hands offer a fun, over-sized cartoon-like design with red fingers detailed by black web-like lines and building knuckles. The shoes, something which Miles Morales fans will quickly identify with, are clever with laces designed to look like the well-known super hero landing has just been completed as they are still trying to catch up. The red, white, and black kicks match the character's most common design and are where the artist made an extra effort.

"These vinyl figures are what I call S.H.S. aka Super Heroes in Sneakers- two things that meant a lot to me growing up and still do to this day," Tubera said. "Two completely different cultures mashed together to create a new visual of things most people wouldn’t normally see together. I always wondered what kicks my favorite Super Hero would wear."


The red and green hoodie is shaped to round out the figure, calling attention to Miles' black and red mask with wide white spider-eyes. It's a clever design by Tubera, overall, and one which will call for hardcore fans of the character's attention. With a price tag of $135, the lightweight Miles figure makes for a great addition to a work place desk or collection on a shelf, but will call mostly upon those who truly want to have a Spider-Man collection with a bit of exclusivity to it.

For more info on the figure or to get your own before all 1,500 are gone, head over to Sideshow's official site. If you have any questions or want to see more of this designer figure, let me know on Instagram and Twitter.