'Spider-Man' #236 Pokes Fun at 'Spider-Man: Homecoming'

It seems Brian Michael Bendis had a little fun with Spider-Man: Homecoming before he went over to DC Comics.

In the new issue of Spider-Man, Bendis pokes fun at the changing of the Ganke character's name in Homecoming to Ned, which was viewed as an unnecessary change. Ganke Lee is still struggling to tell his girlfriend Danika his real name, being that she's a Spider-Man vlogger, so he uses the name Ned instead. After hearing Danika's concerns regarding his hesitations, he finally tells her his real name.

"I...Hi. My name is Ganke Lee," he says. When she asks "Ganke. Not Ned?" Ganke responds "Do I look like a Ned?"

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Along with telling her his real name he also accidentally reveals Spider-Man's identity as Miles, and hopefully, she will not spread that revelation any further.

Jacob Batalon plays Ned in Spider-Man: Homecoming, and he played the part to perfection in the film. There was some backlash when his name was revealed to be Ned though, a move that many didn't understand. Some thought it might have to do with turning the character into Ned Leeds, an alter ego of the Hobgoblin, but that was not the case (at least in the first movie).

You can view the image above.

Spider-Man #236 is written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Oscar Bazaldua. The official description can be found below.

"SINISTER SIX REBORN Part 3. The Bombshells are back together?! Lana has been through so much and has grown into a hero, but with her mom back in the equation, things look bad for her. Know who they look even worse for? MILES MORALES, SPIDER-MAN! And with Electro in the mix as well…?"

Spider-Man #236 is in comic shops now.

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