Spider-Man: Far From Home Almost Featured a Big Role for the Skrulls

Spoilers for Spider-Man: Far From Home incoming! Despite showing up at the very tail end of the film, they nearly had a much bigger role in the film. According to Far From Home writer Chris McKenna, there was a bigger plot in one early draft of the film where Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) was involved with the shape-shifting alien race. Though he didn't elaborate on the exact involvement of the Skrulls in his interview with Variety, McKenna did admit something had materialized at one point or another.

"It’s funny, there was a very, very early iteration of the Mysterio story that actually did involve the Skrulls that we kicked to the curb early in the story-writing process," reveals McKenna. "Because this really became a con artist movie, essentially, we really went along with how many ways can we deceive the audience? How many twists and turns can we have?"

"It seemed like it was an idea that Jon Watts had kicked around early on that we embraced as something people would love to have. There’s always one final twist, and we would be living up to what we were trying to emulate and celebrate."

Far Frome Home director Jon Watts concurred in a separate interview with ComicBook.com. Much like McKenna, Watts described Far From home as a con movie, explaining why they chose to turn Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) into a Skrull during this movie

"It always sort of bothered me even though we knew that that's what we wanted the story to be, that Nick Fury could get duped even though he's been gone for five years and he's on his back foot," Watts said. "I wanted to come up with one last little reveal that could explain that unanswered question. And when you're making a con man movie, it just feels like the right thing to do to have one last little twist that makes you look at everything slightly differently."

In the post-credits scene, it was revealed the Fury and Agent Hill (Cobie Smulders) we've seen in the movie were Talos (Ben Mendelsohn) all along. Instead of nefarious purposes, they were on Earth on direct orders from Fury himself, who has apparently been supervising a SWORD-type setup in space.


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