Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2 Being Split Into Two Films

Not only is Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse actively in development, but a second part to the flick is now on its way. Saturday evening, Sony announced the highly anticipated Into the Spider-Verse follow-up is not going to be just one film, but split into two separate features—a Part One, and a Part Two.

The news was announced at Brazil's CCXP, where Sony also unveiled the first look at the upcoming sequel. Spider-Verse producer Chris Miller previously told us he felt the original film was so successful because of the size and scope of the movie.

"This is a situation where the movie was so ambitious, it was trying to do so many groundbreaking things in its visual style, in its storytelling style, in its cinematic style," Miller previously explained to ComicBook.com. "Everything about it ... The sound mix was probably going to be groundbreaking, so it required a lot of work. Every version of these movies is a collaboration of hundreds of filmmakers working together, and in the best versions people are contributing their creative ideas, and the people, the directors, and the producers are the ones that get to decide which of the things fit the road that you're going down."

This two-part offering is shaping up to be equally massive. It's so massive, in fact, scribe David Callaham began writing it before Into the Spider-Verse first hit theaters.

"[Chris and Phil] said, 'We have this animated Spider-Man movie we are doing.' They were still working on the first movie," Callaham told THR this past  September.

He added, "They couldn't tell me what it was going to look like. Because it's them, I said, 'I'll come in and see what you have. I don't get it.' They showed me an animatic, which at the time looked like napkin drawings with temp vocals and no animation styling behind it. I could feel the heart behind it, but I couldn't imagine how spectacular this thing could be yet. They showed me some still images of some of the art they had been working on. With them, I trust them implicitly and I believed they were going to do something special. I said, 'OK,' and they said, 'Great. Pitch us a sequel.' So I began the very strange process of working on the sequel for a year before the original came out."

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2 is currently set for release on October 7, 2022.