Spider-Man: No Way Home Star Tobey Maguire Speaks Out on Wearing the Costume Once Again

For actor Tobey Maguire, his return as the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man in last year's Spider-Man: No Way Home marked his first time as the Marvel hero in fourteen years. Having hung up his suit with 2007's Spider-Man 3 the Marvel Studios movie put him in a unique position as an elder statesmen of Marvel but also a mentor for the new Spider-Man on the block. Speaking for the first time publicly about the movie, Maguire was asked about putting on the suit again for the first time and relayed that into an anecdote about how putting it on one more time gave way to a strong bond between he and his co-stars.

"It was uncomfortable getting it on and then it's a goof, and then it also has a sort of a power in a sense because it brings me back into that character. It really does, there's so much affinity for this character, it means so much to so many people, that once the goofiness of of being in lycra or spandex goes away you're like 'Oh wow. This is cool. This is a responsibility but a blessing, like something that I get to do that I'm grateful for.' Honestly being with these guys it really was just a much, much richer experience than I anticipated or that I could really even express in words."

He continued, "I know that's not the question about the suit but the suit is it's just to get to be there with these guys in their suits and whether it was like dancing around or playing around in scenes and improving or feeling that kind of sense of service to each other and the character being in service to humanity it really gives a certain perspective...I just felt super safe and like we were all on the same team and all in support of each other and it just brought out this...I don't know how to put it other than just like this really loving, fun creative experience. I was just like sitting in gratitude every day which is not always the case when you're working on something even just from the standpoint of trying to figure out what you're doing and it wasn't without its challenges but it all just unfolded the way it needed to. It had a sense of this kind of destiny to it as well so I guess the suit was the doorway to that."

Spider-Man: No Way Home is now playing in theaters worldwide.

(via Deadline)