Andrew Garfield Jokes He Only Returned for Spider-Man: No Way Home Because of Tobey Maguire

Now over a month out from the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home the cat is thoroughly out of the bag about how many Spider-Men appear in Marvel Studios latest movie. Speaking for the first time publicly as a trio about the movie, stars Tom Holland, Tobey Maguire, and Andrew Garfield all got the chance to open up about their time working together on the film and for the two returning stars an opportunity to talk about how they were convinced to return. For Tobey, returning to the role after a fourteen year absence, the actor said he was "immediately intrigued," while Andrew Garfield joked that he only returned because Tobey was involved.

"Well I was just waiting to see if Tobey was going to do it and if Tobey was going to do it then I was like 'Well I have no choice,'" Garfiled said. "I'd follow Tobey to the to the ends of the Earth, I'm a Lemming for Tobey. That was a sincerely a big part of it when I was approached about it and again it's in a similar way to what Tobey was saying it was like 'Oh the intention feels very pure here.' It actually feels like a great creative idea and a great creative story it wasn't like they were just asking us to come and say 'hi' and then leave again but actually have us have our presence being in service to Tom you know being in service to Tom's journey and where where he is as Peter Parker."

Garfield went on to talk about the "brotherhood" that the three actors formed on the set of the film, which didn't occur until well into the production cycle of the sequel. For the 38-year-old actor it came across naturally as something that moved the story of the film forward and only deepened the arc of Tom Holland's Peter parker.

"I love that there's....maybe he'll he would have lost his girlfriend and that maybe he would have gone down a darker path if Tobey hadn't have given that kind of mentorship moment that better angel kind of moment," Garfield added. "So it was those things, I get chills thinking about it even now, so for me it's the same kind of judgment call with any script or any film it's like is this a story worth telling and do I want to work with these people and it was a big double kind of capitalized 'Yes' and then it exceeded my expectations because the way that Tom and Zendaya and Jacob are as a trio is just like a kind of magical heaven kind of friendship. And then so welcoming of me and Tobey into the into the gang and in the way that Tom works with Jon Watts and Kevin and Amy it's like it's very open, it's very free. So Tobey and I felt not only welcomed but actually given lots of permission to play and to find our way into being of service to Tom's story. In this way it was just a kind of joyful."

Spider-Man: No Way Home is now playing in theaters worldwide.

(via Deadline)