'The Gifted' Episode 11 Preview Released

Fox has released a new preview for the midseason return episode of The Gifted.

The episode follows up on the shocking betrayal of the fall finale episode “eXpoited,” in which Esme played all sides against each other to rescue her sisters, the other Stepford Cuckoos, in an act that looks to have sparked a full-blown war between Sentinel Services and mutants.

The preview also shows Eclipse mentioning how he and the other leaders of the Mutant Underground were chosen by the X-Men for a reason and they were warned that a war may be coming. That connection to the X-Men will be a be factor in the remaining first season episodes of The Gifted, as Emma Dumont, the actress who plays Polaris, told ComicBook.com in an interview.

“That's definitely something for this season,” she said. “It's actually something for the finale. Yeah, the X-Men, for many episodes we kept saying, ‘The X-Men chose us, the X-Men chose us.’ We find out now, the X-Men specifically chose Lorna and Johnny, Thunderbird and Polaris. They chose them. I don't know if it's because of their lineage, or if they have had their powers for a long time. You know, yeah, maybe their family histories, I'm not sure, but they chose them for some reason. Thunderbird had an easy time with it. He accepted the role of leader. He's from the military, he knows what it's like to lead, he knows what it's like to save lives.”

However, for Polaris, the burden of leadership is more difficult to carry.


“Lorna, however, had spent her whole life being shamed, being told she was different, or bad, in many different ways,” Dumont said. “She has a mental illness, she has a hard time with authority, she's a mutant, she's all these things that are bad, no, wrong. Her father abandoned her, and her parents passed, her foster family abandoned her. There was so much she was shamed for, so it was harder for her to accept a leadership position, and we kind of see more of that towards the end of the season, which is really cool.”

The Gifted returns to Fox on January 1, 2018.