Thor and Loki: Midgard Family Mayhem Children's Book from Jeffrey Brown Is On Sale Now

You may know acclaimed cartoonist Jeffrey Brown from his wildly popular Star Wars Darth Vader and Son children's book series and the Jedi Academy series for young readers, but now Disney is bringing his talents to Marvel with Thor and Loki: Midgard Family Mayhem. From the official description:

"Thor's parents Odin and Frigga taking their children – including the mischievous Loki – to their favorite realm: Midgard, AKA Earth. There, they will encounter all the wonders Midgard has to offer, as well as a few recognizable faces (don't miss little Iron Man in the preview below). Plus, they'll have to contend with familiar problems like bedtimes, playground games, and picky eaters."


If you're looking for a way to introduce your kids to Marvel, Thor and Loki: Midgard Family Mayhem seems like like the perfect way to do it. Pre-orders for the book are live here on Amazon for $14.95 with a release date set for April 18th. Odds are the book will be discounted during the pre-order period. If that happens, you'll automatically get the lowest price. If you want to take a deeper dive into Jeffery Brown's books for children, you can check out the Star Wars Darth Vader and Son series here on Amazon. The Jedi Academy books are available here. 

Jeffrey Brown had the following to say about working with Marvel:  

"THOR was always one of my go-to comics to pick up at the comic shop, and I even had the little Thor Hot Wheels van," Brown said. "I covered plenty of paper with doodles of his iconic winged helmet and hammer. Getting to dive in and do my own take on Thor and the other Asgardians was an absolute treat, especially Loki, who's so much fun. I was one of three brothers growing up, so I loved having the opportunity to write about all the sibling mischief that kids get into!"