'Thor: Ragnarok': Colorful Loki Costume Concept Art Revealed

Thor: Ragnarok put a fresh spin on just about every character's look, including Loki. That said, this alternate costume took that to an extreme degree.

Loki is once again a thorn in Thor's side, and he's rocking a new costume while he does so. His suit in Thor is more streamlined and modern than his previous look, but thanks to a new piece of concept art from Anthony Francisco, fans get a look at another version of the suit, and which brings in a much brighter color palette that includes several bright and colorful hues of orange.

"Happy Thanksgiving everyone !! Designing #loki costume for #thorragnarok was a fun challenge," Francisco said. "We were asked to go as bold and colorful as we could. Channeling Jack Kirby hopefully. I did a bunch of these color variations. Do you guys wanna see them all? It's a lot of misses tho :)"

Loki's suit in Ragnarok is made up of mostly one color, with several accents and some yellow on the inside of his cape. That was a big change in itself from his traditional green and yellow costume in Thor, Avengers, and Thor: The Dark World. Still, those changes pale in comparison to something like this, and it's probably for the better that the current design won out in the end.

You can view the costume in the image above.


Francisco asked fans if they want to see all of the other color variations, so hopefully, this won't be the last redesign we see. As for Thor: Ragnarok, the film currently enjoys an 84.99 on ComicBook.com's composite rankings.

Fans can see Loki in action in Thor: Ragnarok, which is currently in theaters now.