'Thor: Ragnarok' Director Actually Played Four Roles

Taking a page from Iron Man director Jon Favreau's playbook, Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi gave himself a supporting role in the Marvel film he crafted. Fans were well-aware that Waititi played Korg, but the director also revealed that he technically performed as four different characters.

The character that Waititi not only performed the motion-capture performance for, but also lent his voice to, is Korg. The character obviously looks nothing like Waititi, while the character's softspoken voice is immediately recognizable as Waititi's. The other roles, however, only utilize aspects of the director.

"I am one of the heads on the three-headed alien, this character called Haju [this may not be correct spelling]," Waititi shared with Empire. "I'm the head on the right. And I'm also the motion-capture for Surtur."

Waititi's dulcet tones didn't feel like the right choice to play the terrifying fire demon, so the vocal talents of Clancy Brown were utilized to strike fear into the hearts of the audience.

Mark Ruffalo is the third actor to portray Hulk in a feature film, behind Eric Bana in Hulk and Edward Norton in The Incredible Hulk. Since his debut in Marvel's The Avengers, Ruffalo has played Bruce Banner and provided mo-cap for the monster, while Lou Ferrigno, who played Hulk in the '80s TV series, voiced the Avenger.

Once Ruffalo had wrapped his scenes on Ragnarok, Waititi was known to throw on the mo-cap suit to portray Hulk as necessary.

These performances weren't the only ways that Waititi injected himself into the film, having also used some of his personal experiences to convey the difficulties of a character attempting to discuss emotions with Hulk.

"When you look at comic book characters, we don't have anything in common with them," Waititi admitted, "especially not Rich Kid Space Viking or Bipolar Angry Green Beast. So you've got to bring them into situations that all of us have been in."

Scenes in which Thor tried explaining to Hulk how to handle his emotions, the dialogue was lifted directly from conversations Waititi had with his children.

"As a parent, I've had those conversations with my kids," Waititi pointed out. "'Honey, you just can't do that, you can't hit your sister.' And she goes, 'I'm sorry, I just get so angry."


Thor: Ragnarok is currently in theaters.

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