Toy Fair: Iron Man 3 First Look

The first Iron Man 3 action figures are arriving in toy stores this week (and has [...]

Toy Fair Iron Man

The first Iron Man 3 action figures are arriving in toy stores this week (and has given you a sneak peek at a few of them already), but with the movie hitting theaters in May, you just know that the next few months things will be rolling in pretty regularly. Distributed by Hasbro (just like all the other Marvel toys), Iron Man 3 has a huge product line planned, from the small, inexpensive figurines made for the children's/play market to the crazy-detailed stuff that will adorn collector's shelves. What's coming up? Well, our photographer C.S. Muncy has a handful of photos from the floor of Toy Fair 2013 in New York today, including shots of War Machine, the Iron Man Mark XLII armor and another Iron Man that looks to be one of the earlier builds of the armor (feel free to elaborate for us in the comments). There wasn't as much set up for the movie as we would have expected at the Hasbro booth, where yesterday we showed you images from the forthcoming Marvel movie Thor: The Dark World. Of course, at this point they probably want to maintain some air of mystery around the Iron Man sequel, considering how many plot points appear to have been spoiled this week by a handful of Lego sets branded to the film. But, alas, no more crazy bonus spoilage from Toy Fair. Instead, we're treated to some looks at a variety of different Iron Man armors and tantalized by what's to come. Check out the images below, and keep checking back for more from Toy Fair 2013.

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