New 'Venom' TV Spot Reveals New Riot Footage

Sony has released a new international TV spot for Venom, which features some new looks at the [...]

Sony has released a new international TV spot for Venom, which features some new looks at the film's main villain.

The spot, which you can check out above, has several new looks at Riot, the symbiote embodied by Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed) in the film. As the promotional material for Venom has already showed, Carlton is an executive at the Life Foundation, an organization that begins to experiment on the film's mysterious alien symbiotes. While Carlton's actions put him right in the crosshairs of Eddie Brock/Venom (Tom Hardy), it sounds like the character doesn't see himself as doing something wrong.

"Well my character is a billionaire industrialist, he's an inventor, he's a bit of a genius, and he's really interested in trying to find a future for humanity as we face ecological collapse and war," Ahmed explained in an interview earlier this year. "For him, the solution lies in colonizing other planets. So it's actually a kind of search for another suitable habitat for humanity, that leads him to the Symbiotes."

"No one thinks that they are the bad guy, that's the reality," Ahmed added. "People do crazy things, terrible things, but in their mind they justify it. They think that they're helping the world, helping the other person, helping themselves, they justify it in their own ways. So, for me, when I'm playing a character like Carlton Drake, I'm sure you'll think I'm crazy but I totally understand what he's doing and why he's doing it. He's trying to serve humanity and he just thinks that he's best placed to do that and he wants to find a future for the human race. And of course, as the most rich, powerful, successful, intelligent member of the human race, he should be at the center of that future as well. So, I think I'm playing the good guy, but that's sort of what everyone thinks."

Whether or not Ahmed's character actually sees himself as a villain, it sounds like Venom will have its fair share of them -- including some that might surprise viewers.

"There are other villains in the movie too — we're definitely planning a big world with these characters," director Ruben Fleischer said in a previous interview. "It'll be really fun for fans to go see the movie and see for themselves."

What do you think of this new Venom TV spot? Are you excited to see Riot in action? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Venom is set for release on October 5, 2018.