Sony's Twitter Teases Fans Over Whether Tom Holland Will Appear in 'Venom'

The first Venom trailer raised quite a few questions about which version of the Venom origin story we're going to get, which also covers the question of how he will be connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of Spider-Man. Well, Sony Pictures used the social media reaction to the Venom trailer to have a bit of cruel fun, trolling fans with teases of whether Spider-Man actor Tom Holland will cameo in Venom:

Right now, the rumor is that Tom Holland's Spider-Man will appear in Venom, but there's been no solid confirmation of that fact. Previous rumors indicated that Holland's Peter Parker (not Spider-Man) would appear in the film, and there's no real indication how extensive (or not) any of these cameo scenarios would be.

Venom will tell the story of how reporter Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) looks into the mysterious happenings of The Life Foundation, a survivalist organization for the wealthy elite. Judging from the trailer, the Life Foundation will come into contact with an alien life-form, ultimately setting the course for Brock's investigation to lead him into a violent dark origin of becoming Venom.


Venom will be theaters on October 5th.