Stan Lee's Cameo in Venom Revealed

Venom may not be connected to either of the two existing Marvel movie universes, but that doesn't mean it doesn't get its own Stan Lee cameo!

WARNING: Major Spoilers ahead for Venom! Continue reading at your own risk...

For one reason or another, most fans probably weren't expecting Stan the Man to pop up in Venom. Fortunately for all the Marvel faithful, he was able to work in a pretty solid cameo towards the very end of the movie.

Again, just want to reiterate the spoiler warning since the cameo happens after the climax. Reading about Stan Lee's appearance will basically give away the movie's ending. You've been warned, more than once, so no complaining if you see something you don't want to. Deal?

So, after Venom defeats Riot in the final fight, the Symbiote seemingly gives his life to save Eddie. The movie then goes forward in time a bit to Eddie having a conversation with his ex-girlfriend, Anne. Like the audience, Anne believes that the Symbiote is gone, but he suddenly speaks in Eddie's head, revealing that he's actually alive. However, in an effort to keep his life afloat, Eddie has apparently decided to not tell Anne about his other.

Once Eddie gets up and leaves the conversation, he passes Stan Lee on the street, walking a dog. The old man laughs and tells Eddie, "I hope you two can work it out with her," or something to that effect. Of course, this is just the movie making a joke that Stan Lee knows that Venom is alive and well, and living inside Eddie's mind.

It's certainly not the best Stan Lee cameo ever made, but it's definitely entertaining, especially given the fact that a lot of people weren't expecting to see him.


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Venom is now playing in theaters.