This Venom Stormtrooper Cosplay Mashup Is Absolutely Ridiculous in the Best Way

With all the "Marvel vs DC" or "Star Wars vs Star Trek" arguments you may find in the bowels of the Internet and social media, it's sometimes hard to remember that the most fun aspect of geek culture, sometimes, is mixing it up. Fans are great about tearing down the walls between franchises to create beautiful crossover or mashup concepts - and it's one thing when they do it as artwork, but it's a whole other thing when they take it to a cosplay level! Case in point: when fan of the Marvel and Star Wars' universes made some amazing Venom Stormtrooper mashup cosplay, and has rightly gone viral for his efforts!

Venom trooper from r/Marvel

Right off the bat: this is a pretty impressive Stormtrooper costume to begin with, especially since it's done in bulky Venom body proportions. However, the real selling point of this cosplay is no doubt the mouth work. The intricate work on those Venom needle-teeth is spectacular, and the tongue prosthetic is more ambitious than most cosplayers attempt. The level of detail is so intricate that there's even some convincing wear-and-tear from the symbiote, on the face of the Stormtrooper costume. The Venom logo (done in Anti-Venom color style) is immaculately painted, and the claw-finger gloves are a nice touch. Fans are already joking about how Stormtrooper Venom would clearly still be lousy shot. This would definitely be worth a photo-op at any convention.

Right now, the Venom movie franchise has had a setback due to the coronavirus pandemic. Venom: Let There Be Carnage was supposed to drop in theaters in October, but has now been rescheduled to June 25, 2021. That's a long wait for Marvel fans who were ready to see Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock / Venom battle Woody Harrelson's Cletus Kasady / Carnage on the big screen. Hopefully, the extra time will give Sony Pictures and director Andy Serkis more time to push the visual effects and action up an extra notch, so that this fan-fav Marvel rivalry gets the treatment it deserves.

On the Star Wars front: Thor: Ragnarok / Love & Thunder director Taika Waititi is the director of the next movie in the franchise. Star Wars is also making a big play to build a new foundation on the small screen, with The Mandalorian, Star Wars TV is looking at an Obi-Wan Kenobi limited series and New Female-led series, both coming to Disney+.