X-Men: Apocalypse Gets A Honest Trailer

X-Men: Apocalypse, directed by Bryan Singer, was arguably a bit underwhelming leaving some fans bored with the film. The storyline was regarded as tired, our favorite mutants were underutilized, and Magneto and Profressor X got into it another frenemy fight.

Not only were some fans dissappointed with the movie, but they were also left wondering if the X-Men ensemble movies could make a comeback after this. Of course the audience was divisive, some loved the film, some hated it.

Now, Screen Junkies has given X-Men: Apocalpyse the Honest Trailer treatment, meaning they created a spoof trailer that points out all the of the films flaws - all in good fun, of course.

The trailer first addresses the whole "timeline" problem by saying the movie continued the generation hopping gimmick for no reason. The characters haven't aged in over 21 years and are in the '80s but they have to get old fast when the current movies catch up with the older ones like X-2. Confusing, right?

No matter year the movie are set in Hugh Jackman is always the same age because you can't just recast Wolverine and get away with it.


Epic Movie Guy (the voice of Honest Trailers) goes on to tell us that what we really saw was the "Mystique Show" starring Jennifer Lawrence, with some random mutants hiding in the background. And how her "good guy" act doesn't fall in line with her character's actual comic book origins. But neither do anyone elses, either.

Poor Jubilee doesn't even get her name said outloud.


They save the best for last - Apocalpyse, who "looks terrible." and used the plot of the movie Cocoon, and played with magical sand. He did spend more time worrying about his four horsemen's flashy outfits (made of sand) than he did with ending the world.

Honest Trailers brutally points out what some fans were already thinking - haven't we already seen this movie before?