First Look at Dazzler in X-Men: Dark Phoenix

Dark Phoenix is a matter of weeks from hitting theaters, but a new bit of tie-in material may have [...]

Dark Phoenix is a matter of weeks from hitting theaters, but a new bit of tie-in material may have just revealed the first look at a fan-favorite mutant. A music video for one of the film's tie-in songs, "Extraordinary Being" by Emeli Sande, seems to provide the first look at the live-action debut of Alison Blaire/Dazzler. Exactly two minutes into the video, a blonde woman in an all-white jumpsuit is shown, as light energy of some kind dances around her.

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For those who have been keeping an eagle-eyed look at the film, Dazzler's cameo might not be a massive surprise, as her role in Dark Phoenix has been a bit of an open secret since 2017. At the time, 20th Century Fox confirmed that Dazzler would have a small role in the film, while also debunking fan theories that Taylor Swift would be playing the role. Leaked photos from 2017 seemed to hint that The Orville alum Halston Sage would be playing the role, but that theory was never officially confirmed. Given the fact that Dark Phoenix has undergone reshoots and several release date changes since then, fans were unsure what role Dazzler would ultimately have in the project.

Dazzler was initially poised to hit the big screen in the early 1980s, when Gary Goddard was brought on to write a solo film for the character starring Bo Derek. That idea was ultimately scrapped, and Dazzler has largely been absent from the live-action X-Men canon since then, outside of an Easter egg alluding to her in an X-Men: Apocalypse deleted scene.

"That's the era that I grew up in," Simon Kinberg said of the possibility of Dazzler showing up in the '80s-set Apocalypse back in 2015. "The music, the fashion, the videogames: We really want to integrate all of that in the movie, and have it infuse the movie with a different vibe... [It] could happen. We're certainly looking at mutants that would fit into the period."

Outside of this apparent Dark Phoenix cameo, Dazzler is set to appear in one of Hulu's upcoming animated Marvel series, the Chelsea Handler-produced Marvel's Tigra and Dazzler.

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Dark Phoenix is set to hit theaters on Friday, June 7th.