X-Men Producer Simon Kinberg Shares New Mutants Update

While Deadpool 2 and the rumored X-Force film are at the forefront of fan's minds, fans haven't forgotten about the other anticipated X-project on the Fox movie slate, which is the Josh Boone-directed New Mutants.

Writer-Producer Simon Kinberg was asked about the project recently at The Saturn Awards (via That Hashtag Show) and offered a few details on the upcoming picture.

New Mutants
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

"Um, I can't tell you what the roster is, but I can tell you who the director is which is Josh Boone who directed The Fault In Our Stars, and we have a really good script and I'm hoping to shoot that sometime real soon too."

Kinberg was then asked about who the film was targeted out, specifically if it was targeted towards the young adult audience. The question is in line with previous comments Kinberg has made, but here he didn't seem so sure.

"Um, it's, it's very loyal to the comics, I'll leave it at that, and everybody can decide who it's targeted for. For us, we just go back to the comics and hope we find the audience.


The good news for New Mutants fan is that director Josh Boone is a massive fan of the X-Men, a point he's made by sharing photos of his impressive X-Men comic collection via social media, even sharing the cover of his favorite X-Men story, that being Uncanny X-Men #183.

While the lineup of the film hasn't been released yet, other postings on the director's Instagram account suggest it could include favorites like Wolfsbane, Cannonball, Dani Moonstar, Sunspot, Magik, and Warlock. While they haven't been confirmed, it was recently confirmed that Professor Xavier would be making an appearance in the film.