Disney and 21st Century Fox Deal Has Not Been Abandoned According to New Report

A new report suggests that Disney and 21st Century Fox have yet to give up on the idea of becoming one.

According to CNBC, "Pencils aren't down" regarding the potential deal between the two companies, and something could still come from these talks.

Earlier this week, news broke that Disney had approached 21st Century Fox about acquiring the movie and television assets of the company. If the sale took place, Fox would shift its focus to news and sports.

While talks had taken place recently, the report stated that the two sides weren't currently in discussions, leading some to believe that nothing more would come from the situation. This new report suggests that a deal is definitely still on the table.

Following the initial report, both companies saw significant rises in their respective stock prices. Disney was up seven percent over the week, while Fox was up 18 percent.

Comic fans have been watching this conversation closely as it could mean big things for the future of Marvel films. Currently, most of Marvel's properties belong to Marvel Studios, which is owned by Disney. Characters that are part of the X-Men and Fantastic Four franchises currently belong to Fox, so any kind of sale or merger would allow them to appear in the same films.