'The Incredibles 2': Michael Giacchino Starts Work On The Score

It's been an incredible day for updates on the upcoming Incredibles 2! Not only did Disney/Pixar release a new poster and synopsis for the film, but composer Michael Giacchino revealed he's back in the studio working on the score for the eagerly anticipated film.

In a post on his Twitter account today, Giacchino shared a short video of himself with the film's writer and director Brad Bird kicking off their first day of work putting together the score for the sequel to 2004's The Incredibles. You can check out the announcement below.

News that the film has reached the scoring stage of production is exciting for fans. Giacchino wrote the score for the original film, work which earned him two Grammy Award nominations in addition to winning numerous other awards. Giacchino isn't the only talent returning for Incredibles 2, either. Nearly all of the original cast is back for the sequel, though this time around they are joined by new voice talent as the beloved super hero family faces a new threat in the form of a new villain, The Underminer.

Giacchino's new score will serve as the musical backdrop for other changes for two of the franchise's biggest characters as well. It was recently revealed that, this time around, Elasti-Girl (Holly Hunter) would be the one going out on adventures, leaving husband Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) at home to play Mr. Mom and watch after their three kids, a task that probably includes doing some super laundry if the latest poster for the film is any indication. The latest poster shows a laundry basket full of super hero costumes ready to be washed.

In addition to the new poster, fans can expect new footage for the film later this week. As the film gets closer to its summer release, Disney and Pixar are upping the advertising and a new look at the film is set to be unveiled during NBC's coverage of the Winter Olympics on Wednesday.

Written and directed by Brad Bird, Incredibles 2 stars Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Samuel L. Jackson, Bob Odenkirk, Catherine Keener, and Sophia Bush. The film is set to open in theaters June 15.

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