Disney Parks Now Selling Alcoholic Popsicles

Disney World Buzz Pop Cocktails Paddlefish Restaurant

Parents trying to survive family getaways at Disney theme parks now have a new ally - in the form of some alcoholic push-pop snacks, courtesy of Buzz Pop Cocktails!

The alcohol-filled push-pops made headlines over the summer, when it was discovered that each Buzz Pop comes loaded with more alcohol than a glass of wine! Needless to say, Disney park visitors who want to beat the eat and beat their sobriety away, now have a new best friend!

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“Now this is magically delicious”-- @people on @buzzpopcocktails at Paddlefish! Photo by @disneysprings

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The Buzz Pop Cocktails are being featured at Paddlefish Restaurant in Disney Springs, which may be a somewhat ominous venue in which to feature this adult treat. The restaurant is modeled after an old time riverboat, and located on a waterfront - which could be a bit too much for any motion-sensitive diners who are oblivious to just how much booze these pops are packing! ? ?

In all seriousness, though, this is just yet another fun little amenity that will surely draw people to Disney parks and the Paddlefish Restaurant - specifically the adult crowd. Disney has routinely searched for ways to expand the appeal of its theme parks within the adult demographic, and partnering with companies making exclusive or revolutionary forms of snacks and treats is definitely a good way to do it.


Buzz Pop Cocktails like to tout that their pops are completely vegan, kosher, fat-free, gluten free, are made with real fruit, and only come with 100 calories - which is a great selling point to all those adults on a modern clean eating kick. Of course, by the same token, it would probably be a good idea for the marketing to include more about the Alcohol by Volume (ABV) percentages of each pop - because as we said above, the biggest pitfall with these snacks seems to be that they could give someone way more of an actual "buzz" than he or she was expecting.

Check out more information on Buzz Pop Cocktails from the official promotional literature below - or on the company's official website here:

"Buzz Pop Cocktails® are a chef-inspired, gastro-innovation that meets the discriminating tastes of people of all ages over 21 from around the globe. Buzz Pop’s alcoholic sorbets (Adult Push-Pops) are fresh, vibrant and wildly delicious seasonal fruit whipped into a gourmet authentic Italian sorbet made with up to 15% top shelf liquors offered in a ready-to-serve push-pop that makes for a guilt-free indulgence. Buzz Pops offers the World’s 1st Adult Push-Pop Mobile Franchise.

Be on the lookout for new and improved flavors right after the holiday season ends which will include a Chocolate Raspberry Sorbeto made with premium Bourbon (January 2019), a Blackberry Cabernet Sorbeto and a Peach Prosecco Sorbeto (February 2019). Watermelon Patch, Lemon Drop Martini and Pink Paradise are temporarily discontinued. Updates to the flavors page are coming very soon. Send us an email at ceo@buzzpopcocktails.com for more information."