'Toy Story 4' Poster Has an 'Up' Easter Egg

Toy Story 4 will be the next film to drop under Disney-Pixar’s watch, and its most recent trailer has audiences feeling a certain sort of way. After millions of views, the reel is being dissected by fanatics the world over, but the film’s latest easter egg comes from elsewhere.

This time, fans needed to have paid special attention to Toy Story 4s poster.

Over on Twitter, fans were given a closer look at the hidden easter egg, and it can be spotted in the background of the Toy Story 4 trailer. The reference was pointed out by Fandom in sequence, and it turns out the nugget involves another favorite Disney-Pixar franchise.

If you look in the back lefthand corner, fans will see the easter egg in question. Bo Peep’s staff is partially covering the framed picture in question, but it showcases a poker table with dogs surrounding it. The dogs are joined by an older man, and the gang all starred in Up way back when.

The dogs featured in the picture come from two places. One of them is Doug, the adorable yellow pup who acts as a companion to Carl and Russell during their long adventure. The other three belong to Charles F. Muntz, and the older pilot happens to be the man to the side in picture.

The Up easter egg carries on Disney-Pixar’s tradition of inserting easter eggs, and it is not the only one being tied to Toy Story 4. Thanks to the film’s latest trailer, fans were able to connect another film to the upcoming sequel, and it is none other than The Incredibles 2.

Last summer, fans were treated to the long-awaited superhero sequel, and fans believe a newcomer to Toy Story 4 appears in the film. During one scene, Jack-Jack is in his crib while an action figure hangs in the background. Its coloring and shape looks similar to that of Keanu Reeves’ character Duke Caboom, so it looks like Toy Story 4 will relish in what easter eggs it can this year.

So, did you catch this reference before it blew up? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!



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