Iron Man and Captain America Franchise Actors Appear in Trailer For Into the Ashes

RLJE Films has released the official trailer for Into the Ashes, a new film from director Aaron Harvey, which stars Yellowstone's Luke Grimes alongside The Matrix's Robert Taylor, Iron Man 3's James Badge Dale and Captain America: Civil War's Frank Grillo. You can check it out above. In Into the Ashes, Nick (Grimes) is an ex-con adjusting to a normal life in rural Alabama with a new job and a new wife. When some former associates track him down looking for retribution, he is forced back into the desperate and violent life he thought he left behind.

Below, you can check out a statement from director Aaron Harvey that explains his vision for the film:

"Into the Ashes is a morality tale. A tale of how evil dictates choices and how any choice can be taken. It’s a tale of family - a story of two men, wrestling with their own principles in the midst of manifested evil and their mutual discovery and appreciation of each other’s position while doing so. It is also a human drama and my love story and homage to a storied and long-lasting Hollywood genre.

"The film follows Nick, a blue-collar ex-con, living in a small town in the Alabama countryside. When an evil from his past shows up and kills his wife, it sends Nick’s world into a tailspin. Hell-bent on revenge, Nick chases down the men, all the while having to deal with is father-in-law, the town sheriff Frank, who is forced to wrestle with his own morality in the midst of his daughter’s murder. When Nick and Frank’s paths finally cross after Nick has exacted his revenge, Frank is forced to make a final choice of weather to compromise his ethical standpoint and let Nick go, or continue to abide by the rules of the law he’s bound to.

"Into The Ashes is a fantastic opportunity to explore a dark and fractured character and turn the camera inward on his personal plight. It’s a film that allows for a great degree of ambiguity as it speaks to the more existential nature of choice and fate, all the while couching it in a gritty, entertaining drama deeply rooted in the revenge/redemption genre that it ascribes to. It’s my love letter to films such as Rolling Thunder, Charlie Varrick, Vengeance is Mine, or The Hit – films and filmmakers that have influenced this script, just as they have many of todays contemporary genre films. Like Peter Yates, Don Siegel, Billy Friedkin or Sam Peckinpah, I too want to create a complex, fantastic, character driven piece - where one man can embody the frustrations, emotions and triumphs of the audience and then deliver and defy those expectations, all while taking the audience on an engaging and thrilling ride. Or, as I like to call them - the great genre films of the 70’s and 80’s…

"With this picture, I endeavor to put the audience firmly in the film and want them to be invested with Nick on his journey – as this film is truly a documentary of his mind, seen from his perspective – while he struggles to bring meaning to his hardscrabble existence and face the reality of his disparate situation. For an audience to see the authenticity of a character who isn’t perfect, who’s clearly lived a life of not making the right choice, and how he comes to accept and rectify what he’s done with his existence is almost universally identifiable.


"With a strength we can admire and weakness we can identify with, in a John Ford-ian type drama of good versus evil, Into the Ashes is a contemporary homage to the truly American independent films of the past, and provides unlimited potential for actors to fully engage in and occupy interesting and flawed characters, in a simple story of one mans struggle."

Into The Ashes will be available in theaters, on demand, and via digital services on Wednesday, June 19.